Kabi breaker Responsible Description RH Release PM Owners Comments Kernel version

IBM,RH Web site creation and maintanence U2 2 Jim (Frank) update the old kprobe webstuff. Not done.

IBM Jprobes: Enable access to probed function arguments. U2 1 Prassana complete/mainline

IBM KProbes: Bugfix, community interaction and code maintenance U2TF 4 Prassana ongoing. Jprobe bug, RIP addressing, missing trap3 instructions, unloading module with probe handled? Current kprobes is for x86-64, x86.ppc64. ipf coming soon.

IBM Kprobes: Backport to RHEL 3 Kernel U2TF 1 Prasanna Done (x86 only)
Possible IBM Kprobes: Exit probes U2 2 Hien Prototype implementation done, it works with multiple probes
Possible IBM Kprobes: Multiple probes U2
Ananth Prototype posted to lkml. Going with one interface
Unlikely IBM Kprobes: Scalability U2
Ananth SMP concurrency.

IBM Kprobes: User space probes Post U2 4 Jim There is already existing code for this, either commit to dprobes code base or redesign

Intel Kprobes: port to IPF U2

Unlikely RH/IBM Data buffering: kernel-to-user transport U2 3 Martin/Tom V1 done (basic), by Martin. Tom not started yet. Userspace deamon needs to be rewritten. Uses relayfs.

RH Runtime library in the kernel U2 2 Martin Ongoing.

RH/IBM OLS paper U2 3 Will, Vara Various sections to be filled in by all.

RH Select IT and BZ entries candidate for usage cases ??
Will Ongoing. Will to share high level versions of problems. Start list of problems for others to add.

IBM Tapset: System call tracing U2 3 Vara

Intel Tapset: Scheduler U2 3 Douglas

Intel Tapset: Performance monitoring based on hw events U2

RH Tapset: performance monitoring based on timers U2

IBM Tapset: I/O <-> VM interaction in device drivers U2 3 Vara

IBM User interface (load/execute probe modules, aggregate/format output, etc) U2 2 Hien Driver. Needs to be figured out. It's complicated. Needs to be spec'd out.

RH Translation code to generate probe modules(parse, code gen and integrate) U2 4 Frank

RH --target space variable access (i.e. $var->field) U2

RH --User level alternative runtime U2
Martin/Frank To test the runtime and the translator w/o loading modules into kernel

RH High level Dwarf library to get the symbol information from the kernel U2

RH --kernel module relocation layer U2

RH --location expressions/inlines U2

RH GCC 3.4 fixes for Dwarf2 debuginfo U2
Gcc engineer There are new features that are in gcc4 but not in gcc3.4. Backport.

RH Rebuild RHEL4 U2 kernel with backported options for debuginfo emission. U2
Releng/kernel Need better debuginfo

Intel High level testplan U2

IBM Testcase development and execution for systemTAP U2 4 Hien, Ananth, Need to include performance impact assessment

Intel Static validator U2


Consider interactions with Virtualization

Tapsets for major Kernel Components
Device drivers instrumentation

Porting, testing, releasing for x86-64

IBM Porting, testing, releasing for PPC

Intel Porting, testing, releasing for IPF

Tapsets listing service
Present user with groups of related functions

Ability to generate and aggregate symbolic stack dumps (from kern + user)
Precise backtraces from kernel as well as user space.

Speculative Tracing

Auto tuning and auto identifying bottlenecks
High level item. To be done after all the components have been developed.

GUI interface for visualizer and analysis