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pthread_self - return identifier of current thread


#include <pthread.h>

pthread_t pthread_self(void);


pthread_self return the thread identifier for the calling thread.

Pthreads-w32 also provides support for Win32 native threads to interact with POSIX threads through the pthreads API. Whereas all threads created via a call to pthread_create have a POSIX thread ID and thread state, the library ensures that any Win32 native threads that interact through the Pthreads API also generate a POSIX thread ID and thread state when and if necessary. This provides full reciprocity between Win32 and POSIX threads. Win32 native threads that generate a POSIX thread ID and state are treated by the library as having been created with the PTHREAD_CREATE_DETACHED attribute.

Any Win32 native thread may call pthread_self directly to return it's POSIX thread identifier. The ID and state will be generated if it does not already exist. Win32 native threads do not need to call pthread_self before calling Pthreads-w32 routines unless that routine requires a pthread_t parameter.


Xavier Leroy <Xavier.Leroy@inria.fr>

Modified by Ross Johnson for use with Pthreads-w32.

See Also

pthread_equal(3) , pthread_join(3) , pthread_detach(3) , pthread_setschedparam(3) , pthread_getschedparam(3) .

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