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Re: Regd: Processors and Validating am XML document


1) it is not necessary to validate anything before XSLT transform takes
place, it is just an optional to do the validation.

2) You do not associate XSLT style sheet with the document, since you can
use as many XSLT style sheet for one xml input as many different output you
    So you just have to tell to the XSLT processor this is the input and
this the XSLT style sheet and the XSLT processor will produce the result
(e.g. WML). Then you can just change the
    style sheet and using the same input produce different result (e.g.
HTML), etc.

3) To do XSLT trnasform you have to have both XML parser and XSLT engine.
The truth is that XSLT engine just needs the XML parser since XSLT style
sheet is just another XML file.



laksh vr <> on 02/16/2002 04:02:14

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Subject:  [xsl] Regd: Processors and Validating am XML document

I'm thinking of to translate an XML document into an
WML document using XSLT.What i have with me is a
Is it necessary to validate the XML document before
applying the XSLT to the XML document.
Another help i request from u people is
How to associate the XML document with the XSLT to
generate WML document.
Whether i have to use XSLT processor or XML processor
or both.I have no clue.Please do me this favour.

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