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Re: Build-id mismatch: "kernel" vs. "vmlinux" byte 0 (0x82 vs 0x47)

On 07/23/2012 11:10 PM, zhenzhong.duan wrote:
> As you predict, kernel string/kernel-uek pkg/kernel-uek-debuginfo pkg's 
> time signature are all different.

Hmm, that's not exactly what I meant.  The kernel string has a different
time, yes - that's to be expected.  The two rpm's actually have the same
"Build Date: Sat 14 Jul 2012 11:33:03 AM EDT" though, which indicates
that they actually should match up.

It's OK that the Signature dates are different.  That's just when the
PGP/GPG signatures are added at a later stage, and they don't have to
line up.

So since they're from the same build, it's really odd that the buildids
don't match.  Perhaps try "rpm -V kernel-uek kernel-uek-debuginfo" to
make sure that the files are still consistent with the rpm.

> In fact, 2.6.39-200.29.2.el6uek are a variant of upstream 3.2.5 or 
> later. So this maybe an upstream issue.

I doubt it's upstream -- this seems like purely a packaging issue to me.
 Fedora has gone through those kernel versions, and is even newer now,
but hasn't had this problem.

I see in Fedora's kernel.spec that there's a kludged call to debugedit
to preserve a consistent buildid, so maybe that's broken in uek.


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