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[Bug translator/10678] vta-gcc: cannot find module nfs debuginfo: relocation refers to undefined symbol

------- Additional Comments From mjw at redhat dot com  2009-09-23 08:13 -------
(In reply to comment #4)
> (In reply to comment #2)
> > Ok, the case here is something that never came up before: the DWARF for an entry
> > in nfs.ko really does require relocation against a symbol defined in another
> > module.
> Could you spell out why this couldn't be represented the same
> way as an unresolved reference to an extern symbol (SHF_UNDEF)?

It isn't exactly like a plain undefined symbol. The issue is that some dwarf
construct uses a relocation based on a symbol address that cannot be resolved. I
guess Roland's medium term plan is to track such relocations to the affected
dwarf dies and mark them "incomplete" somehow. But currently we would just end
up with bogus dwarf info since we don't know which parts are affected and which

It seems that for now the best we can do is make sure that the dwfl always
contains vmlinux and any depended module listed in
/lib/modules/<release>/modules.dep[.bin] just like depmod does.


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