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sid-20110801 Patch to sync SYS_argc, SYS_argnlen, SYS_argn with newlib

Currently the default values used by sid for SYS_argc, SYS_argnlen, SYS_argn
don't match the default values used by newlib.  Looking at the simulators
supplied with gdb we see they default to the same values as newlib.  The
only exception is the gdb sh and sh64 simulators which use different values.
Given that the sid sh and sh64 simulators already provide a custom mapping
with matches the gdb simulators, it seems reasonible to sync the default
values used by sid with that values used by newlib and the gdb simulators.

This way new ports can just use the default newlib values and have command
line argument passing working "out of the box" with both the gdb simulators
and sid.

The enclosed patch has been tested on FreeBSD with sid configured for
tomi Borealis (a processor under development by Venray Technology).


Mon Sep 19 01:52:59 EDT 2011  John Wehle  (

	* component/gloss/libgloss.h (SYS_argc, SYS_argnlen, SYS_argn):
	Sync with newlib/libgloss/syscall.h.

-- John
--- component/gloss/libgloss.h.ORIGINAL	2011-09-19 00:56:13.000000000 -0400
+++ component/gloss/libgloss.h	2011-09-18 03:00:01.000000000 -0400
@@ -39,9 +39,9 @@
     SYS_gettimeofday = 19,
     SYS_times = 20,
     SYS_reconfig = 25,
-    SYS_argc = 172,
-    SYS_argnlen = 173,
-    SYS_argn = 174,
+    SYS_argc = 22,
+    SYS_argnlen = 23,
+    SYS_argn = 24,
     SYS_unsupported = 255 // arbitrary syscall number, unsupported by default gloss component

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