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Re: SID on linux and windows libraries

> On Mon, May 22, 2006 at 01:31:52AM +0200, Onno Kortmann wrote:
> > [...]
> > I think I found the cause of the bug, at least I could isolate it enough
> > so that I got a sid installation which seems to be usable.
> > SID seems to include win32 libraries somehow in it's build process [...]
> Weird!  Would you mind trying *building* with those win32 libraries
> around, but *running* without them, to help narrow down whether this
> is a build-time or run-time bug?
This sounds silly, but after reinstalling the MINGW cross compiler and 
compiling sid, the new binaries work as expected - and also the old sid 
binaries still work. So if there is a problem, I'd assume that it occurs 
during build-time.

Sadly, I did not check whether there were any upgrades in the mingw libraries 
from the version I had to the newest in the debian repository.
So it may also be a problem in the mingw (debian) packages....

Sorry for the hassle!

At least, I'm now ready to play around with sid :)



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