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Patch: Remove src/blt, src/iwidgets, src/mmalloc directories

I have discussed the idea of removing src/blt, src/iwidgets, and
src/mmalloc in all the email lists that I am sending this patch request
to and have not gotten any negative comments about removing these
directories.  I also contacted and checked with
them but all they had to say was that it was an issue for the normal
checkin process and email list discussion.

It does not appear that iwidgets or blt subdirs ever shipped with a src
based product delivery, there are no gdb, insight, newlib, or sim tags
on the files in these directories.  The mmalloc directory does have gdb
tags on the files though my understanding is that it has not been used
for quite a while even though it was getting tagged and packaged with
the gdb sources.

So here is an official patch request to remove these directories.  I
have write access to the cvs tree and could checkin this patch if it is
approved but I am actually hoping that someone with more cvs experience
would be willing to do the checkin since I have never removed files from
CVS before (much less an entire subtree).

So, anyone want to approve this toplevel source tree patch?  And perhaps
do the necessary checkin/remove too.

Steve Ellcey

2006-04-20  Steve Ellcey  <>

	* mmalloc: Remove.
	* iwidgets: Remove.
	* blt: Remove.

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