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Re: feature request: not need to specify PTW32_STATIC_LIB for static usage possible ?

On 1/11/2013 6:46 AM, Roger Pack wrote:
On 2/20/13, Roger Pack <> wrote:
Sounds like you wanted to address this to the list but I think you
replied only to me.
oops, moving back on list...suggest the ML be modified so the default
reply-to is the ML :)

In Linux, the usual 'static' qualifier on declarations controls
visibility, regardless of dynamic or static linking but is restricted to
a file (or perhaps more accurately a compilation unit). If this isn't
convenient then GCC 4 and above recognise __attribute__
((visibility("hidden"))), and also "#pragma GCC visibility
push(hidden)/#pragma GCC visibility pop" for block coverage in e.g.
header files. Otherwise everything is visible by default.

So I believe GNU can build a Windows dynamic or static library using the
merged pthread.c after adding 'static' qualifiers where necessary, but I
don't know off-hand if this works for MSVS. If it does, i.e. replace the
need for _declspec(export/import), then we probably have a solution.
I saw this the other day in a script that installs win32-pthreads:

for file in 'pthread.h' 'sched.h' 'semaphore.h'; do
   ed -s "$prefix/include/$file" <<< $'g/ __declspec (dllexport)/s///g\nw\nq'
   ed -s "$prefix/include/$file" <<< $'g/ __declspec (dllimport)/s///g\nw\nq'

I'll admit that it is a bit frustrating to have to do
for anything that ends up using pthreads...


The original intent was that the library would always be a DLL so the burden was placed on static link users to add the switch.

I don't like having references to linkage mode in header files but IIRC couldn't avoid it, so if anyone does have a way of avoiding it I'd be interested.

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