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Re: eature request: not need to specify PTW32_STATIC_LIB for static usage possible ?

Yeah I can't think of any easyway, either, except perhaps making
static linking the default way and "make those DLL guys use a
preprocessor flag" (which may not be the best way).
Does anybody know what other libraries do in this case? Typically do
they all require some preprocessor macro to express if the library is
static or not? (I guess in linux they don't somehow, but maybe
windows/MSVC require it?)

On 2/18/13, Ross Johnson <> wrote:
> Hi Roger,
> Happy to receive suggestions that work for both MSVS and GNU toolchains.
> It must be possible (although I haven't found a way, but I'm probably
> overestimating the problem and just can't see the obvious).
> PTW32_STATIC_LIB is there during app builds because the headers
> (pthread.h, sched.h, semaphore.h) are used both in building the library
> and building apps but simply controls the export/import of symbols or not.
> On 16/02/2013 5:36 AM, Roger Pack wrote:
>> would it be possible to somehow modify pthreads-win32 so that, if
>> compiled as static, and used as static, there is no need for the
>> "using" program to have to specify PTW32_STATIC_LIB ?  It seems a bit
>> odd to me to have to, for instance, configure ffmpeg like
>> ./configure --extra-cflags=-DPTW32_STATIC_LIB
>> in order to be able to use it.
>> Anyway just thinking out loud.
>> Thanks!
>> -roger-

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