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Re: pthreadVC2.dll dependency on MSVCR100.dll

On 26/11/2012 11:02 AM, Bruce Cran wrote:
On 25/11/2012 23:09, Ross Johnson wrote:
Not deliberate. I assume this is a default and one reference I found claims it is linked to by msvcrt.lib in VS 2010. I'm looking but I haven't found a solution yet that I like (assuming it's correct the same reference suggests either linking statically or building with an old environment - both unacceptable ).

If both those are unacceptable then the only solution will be to document the dependency. The last toolset which allowed linking to msvcrt.dll was WDK 7.1, and that has now been superseded by WDK 8.0, which uses VS 2012 instead of an ancient set of compilers. I confirmed with Doron at Microsoft earlier this year that it's now a requirement to link against VS's CRT (

Why is statically linking the CRT unacceptable?

At the moment this only affects "errno" AFAIK.

The next release will allow a #define PTW32_USES_SEPARATE_CRT switch to support static linking the CRT into the library but requires application code changes to replace use of "errno" in some cases. But the prebuilt dlls won't be compiled with that switch.

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