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You're not like others, me neither. Let's meet?)

Hey :)
My name is Kelsey. You may think that it's rather wired or something like that but anyway sometimes I search through the internet looking for interesting people and this is how I found you. I don't lose anything but I can acquire something doing this, right?)
I hope you are not afraid of things like that. So I found you, and I I don't know why but I think that you are an interesting person and also I can tell that it will be an exciting experience for both of us.
As you can see I am an open-minded, very communicable and kind-hearted person. I love travelling and meeting new people. It was like a short introduction and I will tell you more about myself when you will answer. Now, please tell me something about yourself! What are u interesting in? What singles you out? Can you tell me something special about you?
I really hope u aren't going ignore it and you will answer the letter. 
Unfortunately I need to go now, please, reply when'll you have time!
Can't wait to talk to you!

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