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Re: compiler error with vs 2008

Hi Immanuel,

On 30/11/2011 11:28 PM, Immanuel Dold wrote:
Hi Ross.

Thanks for the help. As I already told you I am not familiar with
setting up compiler flags. I tried setting /DNO_STRICT into the right
line. I copied it behind line 28 in the makefile so it now looks like
this: "CPPFLAGS = /I. /DHAVE_PTW32_CONFIG_H /DNO_STRICT" In the event
that this is indeed the correct line, the result is poor because I still
get the same errors as described below. Did I choose the wrong line?
Since the errors occur in "ptw32_MCS_lock.c" does my problem have to do
something with the "/DHAVE_PTW32_CONFIG_H" flag?
You got the correct line but I wasn't sure if /DNO_STRICT would help or not. It was worth trying.

The problem is not due to "/DHAVE_PTW32_CONFIG_H", which just tells the build to include config.h.

You already sad that the VCE version is not recommended so I tried using
VC for my project(s). Both of them build but the last one crashed with
an exception R6034. It seems some of the libraries static or dynamic
linked to my project use different versions of the C runtime library.
Because this problem is way out of my league I would prefer to stay with

If the exception is due to inconsistent runtimes then I believe it will be a problem with both VC and VCE, but the reason/solution for this may be simpler, hopefully.

You need another compiler flag when building your app, which is "/D__CLEANUP_C". The reason for this is that pthread.h is used during both the DLL build and your application build, and so "/D__CLEANUP_C" ensures that the same definitions are used for both. There is some discussion of this in the README IIRC, search for "__CLEANUP_".

As examples, there are nmake targets in the tests\Makefile to do basic testing of the case where the C dll is used with a C++ app build, e.g.

cd tests
nmake clean VCX
nmake clean VCX-bench
nmake clean VCX-stress

All these do differently is set that compiler flag.

I still have one question left. There are two options.
1. Build pthread with a x86 compiler and link it to a x86 program to run
it on a x64 windows.
2. Build pthread with a x64 compiler and link it to a (probably) x64
program to run it on a x64 windows.
Which of these two options is the right one? I am asking because I used
option one till now. Probably I wont be able to build my x86 programs as
64-Bit programs so if I have to use option two my whole project will
most likely fail.

If your application runs on 32 bit Windows systems then (1) should be viable. Google suggests that it can be problematic with Windows 7 but some sources suggest that there is a way to get a Windows XP compatible environment for 32 bit apps. Ultimately (2) is going to be much more convenient for all, obviously.

I would persist with option (2) by building your app with the pthreadsVC2 (i.e. C) version of the dll as above and resolve the runtime problem if it's still there after that.

Thank you again for the help. Best regards

Am 30.11.2011 02:19, schrieb Ross Johnson:
On 30/11/2011 7:53 AM, Immanuel Dold wrote:
Hello everybody.

I am new to this project but I need help. I am a German student and I am
currently working with PTAM and libcvd. The program I am building works
fine under windows 7 32-bit. The problem is that my tutor for my thesis
works with windows 7 64-bit. You are probably guessing right that on
that machine the program only hangs. I get a 100% processor load but the
program not even gets to the main() function. Until now I used pthread
2.8.0 and after some research on the net I found out that I have to use
more recent code. Since there is no release I tried to build my own
You do need to use the latest cvs version for 64 bit builds.

This is why I looked up for wincvs and checked out the newest code from
the server. I looked into the README file for instructions on how to
build all the .lib and .dll files. Now there is my problem. Using nmake
from Visual Studio 2008 Pro with the parameters "clean VC" and "clean
VSE" works just fine. But libcvd and PTAM rely both on the VCE version
and so I tried "nmake clean VCE" and there I got stuck. The compiler
throws errors (C2264) in "ptw32-MCS_lock.c" in lines 108, 127, 136, 197
and 215 saying that the it can not cast "volatile size_t *" into
"volatile LONG *".
You may find that using the VC build works with your application. The
VCE version has problems anyway and is not really recommended.

This problem has been reported to me by Daniel Richard G. who has also
provided a substantial patch that also includes a large number of
other changes not necessarily related to this issue. Unfortunately I
just don't have the time now or the [64 bit MSVS] tools to properly
incorporate and test complex patch sets or coordinate those who do,
considering that this project aims to work with several compilers
(e.g. MS and GNU) and their various versions and supported architectures.

But I do want to note here that the current code in cvs has been built
and well tested on several 64 bit systems and compilers, but
presumably not using this specific MSVC++ compiler version.

I don't know if this link helps at all with the cast error, i.e.
adding the /DNO_STRICT compiler option to the compiler flags in the
nmake Makefile:


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