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Re: compiler error with vs 2008

On 30/11/2011 7:53 AM, Immanuel Dold wrote:
Hello everybody.

I am new to this project but I need help. I am a German student and I am
currently working with PTAM and libcvd. The program I am building works
fine under windows 7 32-bit. The problem is that my tutor for my thesis
works with windows 7 64-bit. You are probably guessing right that on
that machine the program only hangs. I get a 100% processor load but the
program not even gets to the main() function. Until now I used pthread
2.8.0 and after some research on the net I found out that I have to use
more recent code. Since there is no release I tried to build my own

You do need to use the latest cvs version for 64 bit builds.

This is why I looked up for wincvs and checked out the newest code from the server. I looked into the README file for instructions on how to build all the .lib and .dll files. Now there is my problem. Using nmake from Visual Studio 2008 Pro with the parameters "clean VC" and "clean VSE" works just fine. But libcvd and PTAM rely both on the VCE version and so I tried "nmake clean VCE" and there I got stuck. The compiler throws errors (C2264) in "ptw32-MCS_lock.c" in lines 108, 127, 136, 197 and 215 saying that the it can not cast "volatile size_t *" into "volatile LONG *".

You may find that using the VC build works with your application. The VCE version has problems anyway and is not really recommended.

This problem has been reported to me by Daniel Richard G. who has also provided a substantial patch that also includes a large number of other changes not necessarily related to this issue. Unfortunately I just don't have the time now or the [64 bit MSVS] tools to properly incorporate and test complex patch sets or coordinate those who do, considering that this project aims to work with several compilers (e.g. MS and GNU) and their various versions and supported architectures.

But I do want to note here that the current code in cvs has been built and well tested on several 64 bit systems and compilers, but presumably not using this specific MSVC++ compiler version.

I don't know if this link helps at all with the cast error, i.e. adding the /DNO_STRICT compiler option to the compiler flags in the nmake Makefile:


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