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Still fighting 64-bit


I still unclear of 64-bit support of current pthread inmlementation on Windows.
I use Visual Studio 2008 to produce native 64-bit executable.
I got pthread sources from top of cvs repository and build the
library. I read somewhere that static lib is not good for some
reasons, so I build DLL. But I have problem with
pthread_cond_destroy(), program crashes on that call.
pthread_cond_destroy() calls pthread_mutex_trylock(), which tries to
call by zero pointer. ptw32_interlocked_compare_exchange should point
to actual function but it is NULL pointer.

		     (PTW32_INTERLOCKED_LPLONG) &mx->lock_idx,

Any thoughts? Did I miss some important build steps, like special
defines or something, or maybe there are patches to current CVS trunk?



   * We do a quick check to see if we need to do more work
   * to initialise a static mutex. We check
   * again inside the guarded section of ptw32_mutex_check_need_init()
   * to avoid race conditions.
0000000180006432  mov         rax,qword ptr [mutex]
000000018000643A  cmp         qword ptr [rax],0FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFDh
000000018000643E  jb          pthread_mutex_trylock+61h (180006461h)
      if ((result = ptw32_mutex_check_need_init (mutex)) != 0)
0000000180006440  mov         rcx,qword ptr [mutex]
0000000180006448  call        @ILT+440(ptw32_mutex_check_need_init)
000000018000644D  mov         dword ptr [result],eax
0000000180006451  cmp         dword ptr [result],0
0000000180006456  je          pthread_mutex_trylock+61h (180006461h)
	  return (result);
0000000180006458  mov         eax,dword ptr [result]
000000018000645C  jmp         pthread_mutex_trylock+13Ch (18000653Ch)

  mx = *mutex;
0000000180006461  mov         rax,qword ptr [mutex]
0000000180006469  mov         rax,qword ptr [rax]
000000018000646C  mov         qword ptr [mx],rax

		     (PTW32_INTERLOCKED_LPLONG) &mx->lock_idx,
0000000180006471  xor         r8d,r8d
0000000180006474  mov         edx,1
0000000180006479  mov         rcx,qword ptr [mx]
000000018000647E  call        qword ptr
[ptw32_interlocked_compare_exchange (180016240h)]
0000000180006484  test        eax,eax
0000000180006486  jne         pthread_mutex_trylock+0CFh (1800064CFh)
      if (mx->kind != PTHREAD_MUTEX_NORMAL)
0000000180006488  mov         rax,qword ptr [mx]
000000018000648D  cmp         dword ptr [rax+8],0
0000000180006491  je          pthread_mutex_trylock+0CDh (1800064CDh)
	  mx->recursive_count = 1;

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