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RE: Support for Windows CE 6.0


> -----Message d'origine-----
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> [] De la part de 
> Ross Johnson
> Envoyà : mardi 16 novembre 2010 11:32
> Ã : Matthieu GALLIEN
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> Objet : Re: Support for Windows CE 6.0
> On 16/11/2010 3:03 AM, Matthieu GALLIEN wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am working on a project using an embedded board with an 
> ARM running windows CE 6.0.
> >
> > I would like to use an existing library that depends on 
> pthread for its threading needs.
> > I am more than happy to have found that there exists a 
> library with the exact purpose of easing the porting of 
> pthread using code to win32.
> >
> > So does anybody reading this mailling list have any 
> information regarding the support of windows CE and 
> especially the 6.0 version ?
> >
> > I am sorry, but because I mostly have a Linux background, I 
> do not know the particularities of windows CE platform APIs. 
> This is the main reason why I ask for help.
> >
> > Thanks in advance for any help
> It has definitely worked with WinCE in the past following Tristan 
> Savatier's patches, and the last updates relating to WinCE 
> were in 2007, 
> but I don't know any more than this. So there is a very good 
> chance it 
> will work for you with little or no change. See the link for 
> background 
> information:
> ev=1.5&content-type=text/x-cvsweb-markup&cvsroot=pthreads-win32
> You will ahve to build from source though.

Thanks for the information, I had downloaded the last version of the source archive after sending the mail and read the WinCE-PORT file. I will double check with the version in CVS.

I am definitely prepared to build from source. In case of further question or patches, I will follow on the list.

Is there some regression tests suite that I could use to test my build ?

Best regards

 Matthieu Gallien
19, Avenue du Granier 38240
Meylan - France

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