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Re: [patch] Support for x64 Windows

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I'd like to use pthreads-w32 with a 64 bits windows... and well i'm a
not a guru with coders tools like "patch" (svn and so on...)

it seems that this patch is not applied in the cvs tree, could you
explain me how to do ?

do i need to install cygwin tools, or msys ?
is it possible to do it without ?
how do i modify the nmakefile to be 64 bits able ?

well, i know i ask a lot, but i'm feeling unuseful ... i'd like to help!
just tell me how :)

the 64bits step is very important for a lot of applications, and this
library is so useful, i'd like to continue to use a so clean thread code
with 64 bits platforms.

with my best regards,

michel pacilli

Le 12/08/2009 10:23, Kai Tietz a écrit :
> 2009/6/22 Kai Tietz <>:
>> 2009/6/22 Ross Johnson <>:
>>> Kai Tietz wrote:
>>>> PING?
>>> PONG :-)
>>> I don't have the technology to confirm the patch with a build and
>>> run, but I
>>> will run an eye over it ASAP.
>>> Regards.
>>> Ross
>> Thanks, if you need tests or assistant, don't hesitate to ask me, or
>> visit our IRC channel on irc://
>> Regards,
>> Kai
>> -- 
>> |  (\_/) This is Bunny. Copy and paste
>> | (='.'=) Bunny into your signature to help
>> | (")_(") him gain world domination
> Hello,
> I just would like to ask, if there is a chance that this patch get
> reviewed?
> Best regards,
> Kai

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