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RE: strange pthread_create cap

If Laura is running on Windows XP... there is a built in limit on the number of simultaneously openned sockets... This is on purpose... to prevent you from turning Windows XP into a Server...


John E. Bossom

Quoting robert kindred <>:

Hello, Ross:


Hi Laura,


Also, are you testing on a Windows Server or Windows Workstation? I ask because, IIRC and if my information is not out-of-date, workstations have a limit (10) on the number of sockets that can be listening at the same time.

I thought this was true also, but I have had more than 20 connections to my Windows service via its listening sockets on my desktop. This limit is apparently only applied to Windows services (file shares, etc.). My .02, though I don't think it solves Laura's problem.


Laura Arhire wrote:
> Hello
> I'm having some trouble with pthreads-win and sockets, wondering if
> anyone can help. I have a test setup with a loop which iterates a
> number of times. Inside the loop, I create a thread on which I run an
> SSL server socket. After the thread is created, I connect an SSL
> Client socket to the server socket, then disconnect it, disconnect
> server socket, and issue a pthread_join.


> Thank you in advance,
> Laura

Robert Kindred

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