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Re: Static Library Initialization (again?)


On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 8:27 PM, Brian Cole <> wrote:
> It looks like I'm running into the same problem as others. I need to
> distribute a static library with pthreads-win32 included without
> requiring end-users of our library to call any pthreads-win32 specific
> attach or detach code. Based on previous posts to the mailing list it
> looks like the boost library has dealt with this before:
> I also found this bit of code inside the Google performance tools:
> #ifdef _MSC_VER
> // This tells the linker to run these functions.
> #pragma data_seg(push, old_seg)
> #pragma data_seg(".CRT$XLB")
> static void (NTAPI *p_thread_callback)(HINSTANCE h, DWORD dwReason, PVOID pv)
> ? ?= on_tls_callback;
> #pragma data_seg(".CRT$XTU")
> static int (*p_process_term)(void) = on_process_term;
> #pragma data_seg(pop, old_seg)
> #else ?// #ifdef _MSC_VER ?[probably msys/mingw]
> // We have to try the DllMain solution here, because we can't use the
> // msvc-specific pragmas.
> <snipped for brevity>
> #endif ?// #ifdef _MSC_VER
> Any reason pthreads-win32 can't use these same mechanisms to initialize itself?
> Why can't DllMain be used for this? MSDN seems to imply that DllMain
> is called for static libraries
> (
> "The lpReserved parameter indicates whether the DLL is being loaded
> statically or dynamically."
> I just looked through boost and found their implementation
> (boost-trunk/libs/thread/src/win32/tss_pe.cpp). Any objection to me
> creating a patch based on this code for pthreads-win32?

I attached an ugly but working patch for this. I haven't tested
building pthreads with MSVC but the initialization code worked on a
standalone test app.

I added a new make clean GC-autostatic to build the library.

make clean GC-static tests pass. I also tested a bit with FFmpeg (but
not extensively).

I'm sure it can be dramatically improved (comments, documentation,
stress test, etc), but as a start it's good enough.

Ramiro Polla

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