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pthread related issues


I have installed windows pthread-win32 pthreadGC2 dll(WINDOWS XP). I see my multithreaded windows program crashing at different locations  when i am handling I/O. If i use gdb, the program is able to run. For the below program sometimes crahes at ifstream fin(..)

int ConfigData::fillConfigData(char *p_cFileName)
        int iStatus = 1;
        char pcPort[10];

        ifstream fin(p_cFileName, ifstream::in)---> crashes sometimes here.

        //cout << "----- fillConfigData URL :" << m_pcUrl<<endl;

        m_iPort = atoi(pcPort);
        cout << "----- fillConfigData port :" << m_iPort << endl;

        cout << "----- fillConfigData method: " << m_pcMethod<< endl;

I am able to run the same program with linux.

For compilation, i include -lpthreadGC2(libthreadGC2.dll). I have tried compilation both with and without -mthreads options. But the problem persists.

Am i missing something.

Suggestions appreciated.



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