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Re: sigaction & pthread_sigmask

The timers code is from the GNU C library, which the comments in the included header file says is LGPL, so it would be ok to use.

However, if the contributors to pthreads-win32 were to agree in future to change to a license other than the LGPL or GPL then this code would need to be completely removed or replaced.


John E. Bossom wrote:

Your contribution has comments that it is licensed under the GNU Public License. This, if included in pthreads-win32, would upsurp the LGPL license designation of pthreads-win32 and thus prevent commercial use of pthreads-win32 (something LGPL permits provided it is used as a shared library - use of the static library renders the license GPL, though) Are you the original author of this code? Would you consider changing the license? Have you already published the package as GPL?

Ross, comments?


Quoting "Burkhardt, Glenn" <>:

I think so.  Semaphores might seem out of scope, but they're an integral
part of concurrent programming.  Signals need to be thread smart, so
they're naturally part of a thread implementation.
So are timers - attached is a pthreads compatible version of Posix
timers, but it's lacking the function of sending a signal to a thread
when a timer has expired.

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William Ahern
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008 1:58 AM
Subject: sigaction & pthread_sigmask

Would it be worthwhile to submit a sigaction, sigwait,
sigprocmask, pthread_sigmask patch? Or are signals strictly
outside the scope of the project?

I'm working on sigaction and sigwait implementations--using
atomic CAS operations for async-safety--intended for a
portable kqueue library. But the library depends on
pthreads-w32 anyhow, and it would be cleaner to simply patch upstream.

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