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RE: sigaction & pthread_sigmask

I think so.  Semaphores might seem out of scope, but they're an integral
part of concurrent programming.  Signals need to be thread smart, so
they're naturally part of a thread implementation.
So are timers - attached is a pthreads compatible version of Posix
timers, but it's lacking the function of sending a signal to a thread
when a timer has expired. 

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> William Ahern
> Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008 1:58 AM
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> Subject: sigaction & pthread_sigmask
> Would it be worthwhile to submit a sigaction, sigwait, 
> sigprocmask, pthread_sigmask patch? Or are signals strictly 
> outside the scope of the project?
> I'm working on sigaction and sigwait implementations--using 
> atomic CAS operations for async-safety--intended for a 
> portable kqueue library. But the library depends on 
> pthreads-w32 anyhow, and it would be cleaner to simply patch upstream.

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