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[Fwd: export control pthreads-win32]

The question below was sent to me directly by someone employed by or representing a company in Germany. Since the code is uploaded from Australia to the software's primary repository in the US, and the code itself actually originates from several different countries but predominantly the US and Europe, does anyone know the answer? Is there an answer?

I suspect there is no answer but I thought I'd ask the list because it hasn't come up before.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 	export control pthreads-win32
Date: 	Thu, 5 Jun 2008 15:33:32 +0200

I am referring to you regarding a foreign trade matter.

The export / re-export of goods can be subject to restrictions according to European community law, German law or United States law. So as to verify this, I require some details from you about the product *pthreads-win32**.* *

*For export control legal expertise, I require information to the country of origin and to any export restrictions. Particularly, I am soliciting information of ECCN in US Commerce Control List and whether a license exception may be used for it.

I am thanking you for your efforts in advance and please do not to hesitate to contact me.

_If you are not the right contact person, I am asking you to forward my request to the division which is engaged in Export Compliance affairs._

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