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RE: use of pthreads-win32 in gnulib?

We have an application on MinGW that uses pthreads-win32, and I haven't
had any problems.

I did need to pick up a Posix timer package as well for our application,
since MinGW doesn't have one.  I used the now obsolete LinuxThreads
timers, which make use of pthreads, and it works without problems for
us.  It would be nice if pthreads-win32 would pick this up, since timers
are probably almost always needed if threads are needed. 

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> Subject: use of pthreads-win32 in gnulib?
> Hi,
> The GNU gnulib project [1][2] provides a portability library 
> for porting programs written against the POSIX API to all 
> kinds of platforms. One of these platforms is mingw (native 
> Win32 API).
> All reasonable porting targets nowadays implement the POSIX 
> threads API, except for mingw. (The others that don't are 
> Solaris 2.4 and BeOS. But these are not reasonable porting 
> targets any more.) Therefore your library would nicely fit 
> into gnulib.
> What gnulib provides so far, relating to multithreading, is 
> only a portable layer for handling locks (mutexes) and TLS. 
> But generally it's preferrable to use the POSIX API rather 
> than some other API; this is another reason why your library 
> is interesting for gnulib.
> How well tested is pthreads-win32? Is there a list of 
> packages that uses it?
> Can it be built on mingw with pretty clean, standard Makefile 
> infrastructure?
> Does building with "gcc -Wall" produce only a small amount of 
> warnings?
> If gnulib started to "virtually" include your library (i.e. 
> make it available in source code when a gnulib user requests 
> the gnulib module 'pthreads'), would that be OK with you?
> Regards,
>                      Bruno
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> [2]

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