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OpenWatcom 1.6 passes tests with DLL build


I've managed to build a DLL version of the library with Open Watcom 1.6
which passes all tests after only slight modifications to the source.

I used the CVS sources.

Here is a short summary of the changes I made:
- use the -br compiler switch for both the library and the tests
    This is necessary so both, library and application, use the same
    run-time library instance. This fixes the errno problem mentioned
    in README.Watcom.[1]
- enable inclusion of <stdint.h>
    Open Watcom has int64_t in this header.
- define PTW32_CDECL to be empty
    This prevents compilation errors in tests, where calling conventions
    for callbacks don't match. This could also have been fixed by using
    proxy functions for the callbacks in the tests, but I went for the
    quick fix.[2]
- use #pragma aux syntax for inline assembly
    This is more efficient then _asm { ... } syntax and doesn't require
    to disable any compiler warnings.
- fix Wamekefile in the "tests" directory
    Some extensions in the PASSES variable were missing.

The patch is 225 lines long, my experimental make file has another 22
lines. If it is okay with the policy of this list, I can attach them in
another message.

  The "Wmakefile" mentioned in README.Watcom was nowhere to be found.

I have not performed any regression tests with other compilers, but I
don't expect any incompatibilities.

best regards

[1] As soon as a thread is started, the CRT must behave slightly
    different, for instance lock concurrently used resources such as
    the heap during malloc/free calls. This is the reason why new
    threads must be created with a CRT function like _beginthread(ex),
    and not by calling the Win32 API directly.

[2] __cdecl was only chosen so a DLL created with Open Watcom can be
    used with different compilers. But mixing runtime libraries of
    different compilers is another step further towards "interesting"
    behavior than using two instances of the same CRT - see errno
    problem. So, if we restrict the DLL to be only used with Watcom
    generated applications, we can safely use register based calling.

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