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Re: pthread_exit and STL problems

On 31. Jan, 2007, at 0:13 , Ross Johnson wrote:

Hello Ross,

My C++ is very limited but I have a couple of general questions and possibly redundant general comments.

You're using pthreads-win32 2.8.0 but which version of the DLL are you using, VC or VCE?

I am using pthreadVC2.

Are you building the pthreads library from source? The packaged dlls are built using VC6 and the BUGS file in the pthreads distribution refers to problems relating to the VCE dll which may or may not be VC version specific.

I am using the packaged DLL. Since I am using the VC version, it is my understanding that this doesn't matter.

Does trying any of the above alternatives avoid the problem?

I've just tried to build the library myself using VC8.0.

Using 'nmake clean VC' path failed, since the resulting library
was referencing msvcrt80.dll, which the executable couldn't find.

Converting the .dsw file in VS2005 and using it resulted in a
usable library - though I am not sure which 'version' I have.
__CLEANUP_C and  PTW32_BUILD are defined. Can you enlighten me?
Do I need to define __CLEANUP_C during my build as well? I am
just a bit nervous using a library where I haven't fully grokked
the side effects.



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