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pthread_exit and STL problems


I am tracking down a problem in my code using VC++ 8.0 and
pthreads-win32 2.8.0. My hope is that somebody on the list has
seen (and solved) this problem.

In my code I am removing elements from a std::vector<>, which
works fine until the first pthread has exited. After this point,
I am getting a crash in the debug version when erasing an element
from the vector:

vector<Object*>::iterator iter = find( objects.begin(), objects.end(),
object );
if( iter == objects.end( ))

objects.erase( iter );

This is the call stack:

Equalizer.dll!std::vector<eqNet::Object *,std::allocator<eqNet::Object *> >::_Orphan_range(eqNet::Object * * _First=0x0038c830, eqNet::Object * * _Last=0x0038c834) Line 1233 + 0x5 bytes
Equalizer.dll!std::vector<eqNet::Object *,std::allocator<eqNet::Object *> >::erase (std::_Vector_iterator<eqNet::Object *,std::allocator<eqNet::Object *> > _Where=0x00395fe0 {_initData={...} _frameData={...} _displayLists={...} }) Line 990
Equalizer.dll!eqNet::Session::removeRegisteredObject(eqNet::Object * object=0x00395fe0, eqNet::Object::SharePolicy policy=SHARE_NODE) Line 304 + 0x29 bytes
Equalizer.dll!eq::Node::_cmdDestroyPipe(eqNet::Command & command= {...}) Line 134 C++

The code in question seems to invalidate all iterators of the vector. The crash happens because _Pnext gets an invalid pointer after some iterations:

#if _HAS_ITERATOR_DEBUGGING void _Orphan_range(pointer _First, pointer _Last) const { // orphan iterators within specified (inclusive) range _Lockit _Lock(_LOCK_DEBUG); const_iterator **_Pnext = (const_iterator **)&this->_Myfirstiter; while (*_Pnext != 0) if ((*_Pnext)->_Myptr < _First || _Last < (*_Pnext)->_Myptr) _Pnext = (const_iterator **)&(*_Pnext)->_Mynextiter; else { // orphan the iterator (*_Pnext)->_Mycont = 0; *_Pnext = (const_iterator *)(*_Pnext)->_Mynextiter; } } #endif /* _HAS_ITERATOR_DEBUGGING */

Again - this code is called numerous time before without problem. The first time the crash happens is when a pthread has been exit'ed, and the calling thread just called pthread_join() shortly before the call above. I am linking against the multithreaded debug runtime.

Has anybody seen this already? Does the thread exit code cleanup/ interfere
with the VC8 STL implementation? Any hints?



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