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Re: Win64 support, second take

Stefan Eilemann wrote:
Keith, List,

I have seen your posting from March 2006 regarding Win64 support.
I am in the need of a Win64 port -- has anybody in the meantime
successfully build a libpthread on Win64, or is the code in more
or less the same state?

The current CVS head contains some additional changes for Win64 build
and test provided by Kip, who subsequently reported that he could now
build and complete all tests, although there were warnings:-

Kip wrote:-
"2. Since you are using /WX, the tests fail as soon as Visual Studio
outputs a warning, it currently outputs two different warnings, one is
related to _ftime64 being deprecated, which I can suppress by including
/D_CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE in the CFLAGS variable. The other is more
troublesome, there are about 20-30 places in the tests where you copy a
value of the _timeb structure into the timespec structure. The problem
with that is in 64-bit mode, most of the values of the _timeb structure
are 64-bit integers (ie. __time64_t) and the timespec structure only
holds 32-bit integers (ie. long) and Visual Studio issues a warning
about truncating the numbers during the assignment. Any suggestions on
what fix should be applied here?"

The _timeb issue has not been properly resolved, although I'm guessing
it is not a problem yet. AFAICS the structure elements still represent
the same time components with the same epoch as the 32 bit version, and
no actual truncation is taking place. I'm assuming that 2038 is still
the critical year for this. Please correct me if that understanding is

Direct anonymous access to the pthreads-win32 CVS repository is
described on the project main page at:-

I plan to package the next version 2.9 of the library once I've reviewed
and included some more WinCE changes, but my day job is a little full-on
at the moment.




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