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Pthreads-win32 - New release 2.8.0 is out now

Announcing a new release of pthreads-w32:-

Packages are available in self-unpacking zip files (.exe) and gzipped
tar files (.tar.gz) as usual.


or go directly to:

There may be a low ftp concurrent user limit at the above site.
Mirrors are at:
(available as they update)

RELEASE 2.8.0 ------------- (2006-12-22)

New bug fixes in this release since 2.7.0 have not been applied to the
version 1.x.x series. It is probably time to drop version 1.

Testing and verification
This release has not yet been tested on SMP architechtures. All tests pass
on a uni-processor system. If someone can run the test suite on an SMP system,
please let the list know of any success or failure.

Bug fixes
* Sem_destroy could return EBUSY even though no threads were waiting on the semaphore. Other races around invalidating semaphore structs (internally)
have been removed as well.

* For WinCE, now checks COREDLL.DLL for InterlockedCompareExchange() instead of
KERNEL32.DLL. This used to be the way it was when the library checked for
TryEnterCriticalSection(), which was removed after that routine was
no longer needed. It was omitted when the technique was resurrected later
for the new purpose. Note: there are no pre-built libs for WinCE.

New tests
semaphore5.c - tests the sem_destroy bug fix referred to above.

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