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New pthreads-w32 releases available: versions 2.7.0 and 1.11.0

Announcing two new releases of pthreads-w32:-

Packages are available in self-unpacking zip files (.exe) and gzipped
tar files (.tar.gz) as usual.


or go directly to:

Red Hat have a low ftp concurrent user limit. Mirrors are at:
(available as they update)

RELEASE 2.7.0 and 1.11.0

All new features in this release have been back-ported in release 1.11.0,
including the incorporation of MCS locks in pthread_once, however, versions
1 and 2 remain incompatible even though they are now identical in
performance and functionality.

Testing and verification
This release has been tested (passed the test suite) on both uni-processor
and multi-processor systems.
- Tim Theisen

Bug fixes
Pthread_once has been re-implemented to remove priority boosting and other
complexity to improve robustness in 2.7.0. Races for Win32 handles that are not
recycle-unique have been removed in 2.7.0. The general form of pthread_once is
now the same as that suggested earlier by Alexander Terekhov, but instead of the
'named mutex', a queue-based lock has been implemented which has the required
properties of dynamic self initialisation and destruction. This lock is also
efficient. The ABI is unaffected in as much as the size of pthread_once_t has
not changed and PTHREAD_ONCE_INIT has not changed, however, applications that
peek inside pthread_once_t, which is supposed to be opaque, will break.
- Vladimir Kliatchko

New features
* Support for Mingw cross development tools added to GNUmakefile.
Mingw cross tools allow building the libraries on Linux.
- Mikael Magnusson

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