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Re: Win CE Port

On Wed, 2005-05-11 at 10:53 -0700, Karl Gierach wrote:
> Hi All,
> I just tried building the port for WinCE and found it did not work using 
> embedded visual studio C++ 4.0. Did he build including MING32 by chance? 
> I did not try that. Is there any way I can try to contact the author who 
> implemented the port in order to get it working again? I do not have his 
> email address.

Tristan Savatier, are you still on the list?

Last known address from the CONTRIBUTORS file:

tristan at mpegtv dot com

Maybe also check

Have you checked README.WinCE and Tristan's original notes in WinCE-
PORT? This relates to his port to WinCE v2.1, which doesn't support
Win32 semaphores. These were added in WinCE v3 and the current pthreads-
w32 release assumes this (see NEED_SEM in config.h). Also check the
target specific group definitions at the bottom of config.h.

By the way, Tristan's notes say that not all POSIX semaphore routines
were supported under his port, however all of these routines should now
be supported even for WinCE v2.1. This also means that all of the
routines for condition variables and read/writer locks should also work
on v2.1 (if anyone is still interested in v2.1).

Apart from the semaphore stuff I've tried not to disturb those original

I'd appreciate any feedback and changes required (preferably diffs to
the most recent release) to make this work out of the box, but I can't
properly test any of the WinCE stuff. I've tested the recent semaphore
changes by defining NEED_SEM (POSIX semaphores based on Win32 events)
and building for W2000, and all tests passed.


> -Karl G.

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