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New pthreads-w32 releases available: versions 2.5.0 and 1.9.0

Announcing two new releases of pthreads-w32:-

Packages are available in self-unpacking zip files (.exe) and gzipped
tar files (.tar.gz) as usual.


or go directly to:

Red Hat have a low ftp concurrent user limit. Mirrors are at (available 
as they update):



The package now includes a reference documentation set consisting of
HTML formatted Unix-style manual pages that have been edited for
consistency with Pthreads-w32. The set can also be read online at:

Thanks again to Tim Theisen for running the test suite pre-release
on an MP system.

All of the bug fixes and new features in this release have been
back-ported in release 1.9.0.

Bugs fixed

* Thread Specific Data (TSD) key management has been ammended to
eliminate a source of (what was effectively) resource leakage (a HANDLE
plus memory for each key destruct routine/thread association). This was
not a true leak because these resources were eventually reclaimed when
pthread_key_delete was run AND each thread referencing the key had exited.
The problem was that these two conditions are often not met until very
late, and often not until the process is about to exit.

The ammended implementation avoids the need for the problematic HANDLE
and reclaims the memory as soon as either the key is deleted OR the
thread exits, whichever is first.

Thanks to Richard Hughes at Aculab for identifying and locating the leak.

* TSD key destructors are now processed up to PTHREAD_DESTRUCTOR_ITERATIONS
times instead of just once. PTHREAD_DESTRUCTOR_ITERATIONS has been
defined in pthread.h for some time but not used.

* Fix a semaphore accounting race between sem_post/sem_post_multiple
and sem_wait cancellation. This is the same issue as with
sem_timedwait that was fixed in the last release.

* sem_init, sem_post, and sem_post_multiple now check that the
semaphore count never exceeds _POSIX_SEM_VALUE_MAX.

* Although sigwait() is nothing more than a no-op, it should at least
be a cancellation point to be consistent with the standard.

New tests

* stress1.c - attempts to expose problems in condition variable
and semaphore timed wait logic. This test was inspired by Stephan
Mueller's sample test code used to identify the sem_timedwait bug
from the last release. It's not a part of the regular test suite
because it can take awhile to run. To run it:
nmake clean VC-stress

* tsd2.c - tests that key destructors are re-run if the tsd key value is
not NULL after the destructor routine has run. Also tests that
pthread_setspecific() and pthread_getspecific() are callable from

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