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RE: pthreads-w32 2.2.0 test failures

I do not have a real world example of a problem with the pthread
library.  I have simply run the test cases.  Inspection of the
once2 test case reveals that it will likely report failures on a
multi-processor system.  In this case, Ross and I believe that the
test case is defective, not the library.

I think that it is wonderful to have the test cases distributed
with the library.  Whenever I pick up a new version of the library,
I run the test cases.  With multi-threaded code, you never know
what timing differences may reveal a problem.  Having these test
cases available gives my much more comfort and assurance that the
library is correct.


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Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 02:03
To: Pthreads-Win32 list
Subject: Re: pthreads-w32 2.2.0 test failures

FYI I'm running pthreads on a number of multi-CPU machines.  My twin :( 
  And three 8-Ways in the office.  It's also been run on a 32-way and it

has been given a damn good thrashing.

More and more of our server applications are being made multi-threaded. 
  For example, two single-thread RPC servers in C have been 
re-implmented as mulit-threaded RPC servers in C++.  From taking 25% CPU

load on a quad-machine I can now max-out most multi-CPU machines. Woo
woo :)

(The main problem we found was that RPC is not thread-safe so we had to 
implement our own thread-safe version using Sun's implementation.  Even 
the RPC on Solaris is not thread-safe.)

Our server applications runs on a number of different platforms (it has 
been reduced).  Currently Windows, Solaris, AIX & HP-UX.  So this 
project has been a help over a few years now.

We did find problems with older implementations, small bugs etc... that 
have been fixed in later releases.

I'm a bit concerned about the pthread_once() bug though.   Have you a 
test application that shows this problem or are the test applications 
enough to show this?

Thanks, Steve Croall.

Tim Theisen wrote:
> I agree with your assessment.  Those tests need improvement.
> At least you know someone is giving pthreads-w32 a run for its money 
> on a multiprocessor system.
> ...Tim
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> From:
> []On Behalf Of Ross 
> Johnson
> Sent: Monday, April 04, 2005 21:06
> To: Pthreads-Win32 list
> Subject: Re: pthreads-w32 2.2.0 test failures
> All of these are unserialised shared global variables in the tests 
> themselves!! Sketchy test coding that didn't show up on my single 
> processor.
> Almost certain it's not a problem with the library.
> Thanks.
> Ross


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