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Re: pthreads-w32 2.2.0 test failures

FYI I'm running pthreads on a number of multi-CPU machines. My twin :( And three 8-Ways in the office. It's also been run on a 32-way and it has been given a damn good thrashing.

More and more of our server applications are being made multi-threaded. For example, two single-thread RPC servers in C have been re-implmented as mulit-threaded RPC servers in C++. From taking 25% CPU load on a quad-machine I can now max-out most multi-CPU machines. Woo woo :)

(The main problem we found was that RPC is not thread-safe so we had to implement our own thread-safe version using Sun's implementation. Even the RPC on Solaris is not thread-safe.)

Our server applications runs on a number of different platforms (it has been reduced). Currently Windows, Solaris, AIX & HP-UX. So this project has been a help over a few years now.

We did find problems with older implementations, small bugs etc... that have been fixed in later releases.

I'm a bit concerned about the pthread_once() bug though. Have you a test application that shows this problem or are the test applications enough to show this?

Thanks, Steve Croall.

Tim Theisen wrote:
I agree with your assessment. Those tests need improvement.

At least you know someone is giving pthreads-w32 a run for its
money on a multiprocessor system.


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All of these are unserialised shared global variables in the tests themselves!! Sketchy test coding that didn't show up on my single processor.

Almost certain it's not a problem with the library.



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