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Re: Static linking under win32

On Mon, 06 Dec 2004 09:34:32 -0800, Phil Frisbie, Jr. wrote:

>Sony Entertainment had no problem including my LGPL library as a DLL in their 
>game PlanetSide. They include a copyright notice and the URL to my website so 
>that users can get the full source to the hvdi.dll file.
>This is what the LGPL is all about.
>> Regards,
>> Laszlo


	I think the point of conflict is more about what people
*percieve* LGPL to be about. FSF keeps on stating things like "you give
users the right to reverse-engineer your final-product" or "you must
ship the full source-code of the LGPL component with your
final-product" if you use LGPL code. I've seen explicit mentions
stating that linking to the source-code is not good enough, you *must*
bundle it. I've also seen explicit mentions of static, dynamic link
and/or inheritance (under OOP) from a LGPL library causing your final
product to be considered a "derived work" hence all of the above
restrictions apply to it. It is statements such as these that scare the
bejesus out of me, and coming out of FSF it is something to take
seriously. I take no offence from the actual authors of the LGPL
library because quite often I've found that they did not mean to imply
(or were not aware of) the conditions stipulated by FSF.


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