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Re: Static linking under win32

Keresztfalvi Laszlo wrote:

For the apropo PW32 have just introduced the DLL and API versioning..

If I develop a commercial application then stability rules and I would use a
choosen version of pthread (or any other external) library which I link
against, usually lagging some versions (to be real-life tested). So, even if
I provide the object files I cannot accept any claims if you link it with
eg. a newer version of the library either statically or dynamically.

Moreover, I usually use more than one external library with some licenses so
then I must provide those too to really enable you to relink..

I think this would be not a real case if the application is not something
simple and you provide good support which is generally your business..
Otherwise ask lawers who play that game ;)

Sony Entertainment had no problem including my LGPL library as a DLL in their game PlanetSide. They include a copyright notice and the URL to my website so that users can get the full source to the hvdi.dll file.

This is what the LGPL is all about.


Phil Frisbie, Jr.
Hawk Software

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