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Re: Static linking under win32

For the apropo PW32 have just introduced the DLL and API versioning..

> If you statically link pthreads-win32 with your application, you will 
> need to provide access to object files such that your users can relink 
> the application with, for example, an updated pthread-win32. That is, 
> you might provide yourapp.obj such that a user could build pthreadVC.obj 
> from source and relink to create yourapp.exe. Both the GPL and the LGPL 

If I develop a commercial application then stability rules and I would use a
choosen version of pthread (or any other external) library which I link
against, usually lagging some versions (to be real-life tested). So, even if
I provide the object files I cannot accept any claims if you link it with
eg. a newer version of the library either statically or dynamically.

Moreover, I usually use more than one external library with some licenses so
then I must provide those too to really enable you to relink..

I think this would be not a real case if the application is not something
simple and you provide good support which is generally your business..
Otherwise ask lawers who play that game ;)


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