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Snapshot 2004-11-22 replaces 2004-11-03

Dear all,

First of all, pthread_cond_wait() has been restored to it's former state to fix the deadlock problem that I introduced in snapshot-2004-11-03. Many thanks to Alexander Kotliarov and 'qybupt'.

Secondly, the ABI change introduced in snapshot-2004-11-03 and any future backwards compatibility issues have been resolved through the addition of a versioning scheme and version information included within the DLL.

Finally, the reusable threads ID uniqueness characteristic has been kept but can be 'switched off' in the DLL build if you want/need the extra sensitivity (perhaps during development) to applications that may not be strictly POSIX compliant. DLLs with either behaviour are fully compatible with each other.

Please see the notes below and the references therein.

Please regard this snapshot as 'beta'.
Snapshot-2004-11-03 has been removed from the main FTP site.

For downloads, see

or go directly to:

Red Hat have a low ftp concurrent user limit. Mirrors are at (available as they update):

There is also work going on to get the Borland and Watcom compiler versions past the testsuite.


SNAPSHOT 2004-11-22 -------------------

This snapshot primarily fixes the condvar bug introduced in
snapshot-2004-11-03. DLL versioning has also been included to allow
applications to runtime check the Microsoft compatible DLL version
information, and to extend the DLL naming system for ABI and major
(non-backward compatible) API changes. See the README file for details.

Bug fixes

* Condition variables no longer deadlock (bug introduced in
- Alexander Kotliarov and 'qybupt'

* DLL naming extended to avoid 'DLL hell' in the future, and to
accommodate the ABI change introduced in snapshot-2004-11-03. Snapshot
2004-11-03 will be removed from FTP sites.

New features

* A Microsoft-style version resource has been added to the DLL for
applications that wish to check DLL compatibility at runtime.

* Pthreads-win32 DLL naming has been extended to allow incompatible DLL
versions to co-exist in the same filesystem. See the README file for details,
but briefly: while the version information inside the DLL will change with
each release from now on, the DLL version names will only change if the new
DLL is not backward compatible with older applications.

The versioning scheme has been borrowed from GNU Libtool, and the DLL
naming scheme is from Cygwin. Provided the Libtool-style numbering rules are
honoured, the Cygwin DLL naming scheme automatcally ensures that DLL name
changes are minimal and that applications will not load an incompatible
pthreads-win32 DLL.

Those who use the pre-built DLLs will find that the DLL/LIB names have a new
suffix (1) in this snapshot. E.g. pthreadVC1.dll etc.

* The POSIX thread ID reuse uniqueness feature introduced in the last snapshot
has been kept as default, but the behaviour can now be controlled when the DLL
is built to effectively switch it off. This makes the library much more
sensitive to applications that assume that POSIX thread IDs are unique, i.e.
are not strictly compliant with POSIX. See the PTW32_THREAD_ID_REUSE_INCREMENT
macro comments in config.h for details.

Other changes
Certain POSIX macros have changed.

These changes are intended to conform to the Single Unix Specification version 3,
which specifies that, if set to 0 (zero) or not defined, then applications may use
sysconf() to determine their values at runtime. Pthreads-win32 does not
implement sysconf().

The following macros are no longer undefined, but defined and set to -1
(i.e. not implemented):


The following macros are defined and set to 200112L (i.e. implemented):


The following macros are defined and set to appropriate values:


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