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Re: BCB support (lib+dll)

Robert Kindred wrote:

I am not sure if pthreads-win32 is officially supported under Builder.  I
have a project which builds it under BCB5.  However, CodeGuard tells me that
there are some leaks.  I don't know if pthreads-win32 actually has leaks, or
this is a Builder problem.

Not 'officially' supported, but Will Bryant contributed patches and a makefile for BCB (see 'Bmakefile' in the source and tests folders - also README.Borland). I'm about to run them again to see where they get to (I'm in Linux right now on a dual-boot machine). I'm pretty sure the dll builds ok, but I don't recall if it passed all the tests.

Assuming that leaks have not recently been added, the library has been screened several times in the past by others, and their patches, if any, have been applied. So the library should be clean, but if you can track those leaks down it would be appreciated. If it helps, the very first test in the 'tests' folder prints a list of all the pthreads-win32 structs and their sizes. This test was added a while back for this purpose.


Finally, I am a C++ programmer, and my wrappers on top of pthreads-win32 may
not be anything that you want.

Robert Kindred

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[]On Behalf Of Gianluca
Sent: Wednesday, November 17, 2004 5:51 AM
Subject: BCB support (lib+dll)

Please is it possible to put in latest the builds for BCB too?

Thanks in advance,

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