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Re: snap-2004-11-03 breakage

Gisle Vanem wrote:

"Ross Johnson" wrote:

I definitely don't want to break applications unnecessarily and particularly applications that have been ported to several different POSIX systems, but on the other hand POSIX thread IDs are not required to be scalar. See the rationale from the definition of pthread_equal() in the Single Unix Specification version 3, which says:

Great, but when was pthread_equal() introduced? I'd like to support
old versions of pthread-win32 too.

pthread_equal() has been in pthreads-win32 since 1998. pthread_kill() with the sigzero functionality is a lot newer - introduced in snapshot-2003-08-15.

BTW. I cannot find a compile-time VERSION define to check against.
If there where, I could #ifdef around this problem.

I should have done that for this snapshot. Don't be surprised to see a new snapshot in a day or two just to include that.

BTW2. I'm, getting 2 copies of every reply from you. I would prefer replies
to go to the list only. Could you please make the mailing-list program add a "Reply-to" header?

I have no control over the mailing list, but I can save you from getting two copies from me.


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