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unexpected end of file :-(

Hello List!

I am working with pthreads-win32 and the microsoft vc++ compiler version 6.
I have a problem I already spent hours on:

I have ported a source file which was perfectly working before, to run in an own pthread.
Now the compiler always bitches about "unexpected end of file" (fatal error C1004).
On the following MSDN library page a verbose error description can be found:

- When I comment out all the pthreads related function calls and the #include pthreads statement,
then the file compiles perfectly. And yes, I am pretty sure that those lines are syntactically correct.

- When all the used pthread_* functions are defined as macros the file also compiles perfectly:
//#include <pthread.h> #define pthread_setcancelstate(a, b)
#define pthread_cleanup_push(a,b)
#define pthread_exit(a)

So it appears to me that the problem must lie somewhere inside pthread.h ?
BTW my project also includes the IBM SCC libraries
I have managed to compile and run a little pthreads example program, but that was without SCC library import...

Any thoughts on this matter highly appreciated..

Bastian Voigt

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