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Re: Compiling pthreads under windows CE with eVC++

I look's like PAPCFUNC isn't defined via windows.h for the WinCE cross-compilers. Either that or defining _WIN32_WINNT to 0x400 doesn't make sense for WinCE.

Anyway, my suggestion to Phillip was to look in MSVC's windef.h (I don't have it at hand) and copy the definition into implement.h.

E.g. implement.h should look something like this if I recall correctly:-

#include <windows.h>

#ifndef PAPCFUNC
# define PAPCFUNC (void CALLBACK (*)(DWORD))

And then hopefully CALLBACK is defined.

If this doesn't work then someone please let me know because I'll need to re-arrange the code for WinCE.

Does WinCE support APC? Pthreads-win32 is assuming it does (by expecting these macros to be defined) even if it doesn't get used.


James Ewing wrote:

Phillip Cuadra wrote -

"I'm trying to build the .dll for pthreads under MS eVC++ 4.0 for Windows
CE 4 (Pocket PC 2003) on an ARM processor (the IPAQ 5555).  "

This thread may help in getting WINCE pthreads to compile -

James Ewing

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