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Bad source files in snapshot 2004-05-16 -- was Re: ... [various problems]

These are all related to the same two omissions and hopefully fixed now. I've uploaded new packages - both the self-unpacking zip .exe and the tar.gz archives - differentiated with the word 'fixed' in the names. CVS was updated yesterday (my time). I've also removed the bad packages.

The new packages are:-


The correct files (implement.h and ptw32_semwait.c) are now also in the sources directory on the ftp site

Thanks and apologies.

Axel Bock wrote:


I'm trying to compile pthreads, but I run into the following problem:

$ make GC
make CC=gcc CLEANUP_FLAGS="-D__CLEANUP_C" OBJ="attr.o ..." pthreadGC.dll
make[1]: Entering directory '...'
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `ptw32_semwait.c', needed by
            `private.o'.  Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory '...' make: *** [GC] Error 2

now I thought this might be a makefile error - but I cannot find one (although I'm not the biggest makefile expert running around :-)

can anyone help me with this? would be very helpful .... (of course :-)

thanks and greetings,


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