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Re: License info


One way to answer this is to say that you may include all of the files with your distribution if you like.

However, if you want to minimise the number of these files you need to include, then the very least you need to do is (IMO):

- include the pthreads-win32 copyright notice as described in the file COPYING along with your own copyright.

- I think it would be polite, if not required, to include the file COPYING. This is a wrapper for the GNU LGPL contained in the file COPYING.LIB and it covers a few minor things in pthreads-win32 that the LGPL doesn't cover, such as a few files that are excepted from the LGPL, such as one of the test application files.

- Likewise for the file COPYING.LIB. Because this file is referenced in other files, it should probably not be renamed, however it should be made clear that it relates to pthreads-win32.

- provide information telling recipients where they can find the source code, preferably from your own web or ftp site if it isn't included in your distribution.

Here's a link to a web page that looks like it's part of the online documentation for various Rational software packages.

It's probably a good example of how it should be done. It includes a reference to pthreads-win32 as well as a multitude of other third-party components that they've incorporated. See under the heading
'Rational Test Manager, Rational Quality Architect, Rational Robot, Rational TestSuite'. They also appear to include the pthreads-win32 source code in their distribution.


Seshubabu Pasam wrote:

Hi there,

We are looking into using pthread-win32. Which pthread-win32 files are we supposed to redistribute with our product? COPYING or COPYING.LIB or both? Also are we required to distribute this file(s) separately? Or can we copy them into our documentation? Or better yet, provide URL links to these files in our documentation?

May be this is not the right group, but probably some of you are already using this library and can advise me.

-Thanks & Regards
Seshubabu Pasam

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