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Re: problems linking

Hi Ross,

Thanks for your recommendations... I will try to follow them...

As of your assumption, you were right. I really thought the 'CE' in
pthreadVCE.lib came from winCE :-). Thanks for clarifying this also.

Best regards,

----- Original Message -----
From: "Ross Johnson" <>
To: "George Mardale" <>
Sent: Saturday, May 01, 2004 5:39 AM
Subject: Re: problems linking

> George,
> Thanks for confirming that the WinCE build works OK. As I said, I have
> no way of testing this version myself.
> Since you're building the library from source, can I recommend grabbing
> the sources from CVS (if you aren't already), since these include one or
> two bug fixes that aren't in the snapshot yet. Details for anonymous CVS
> downloading are on the project web page:
> Would I be correct in thinking that you thought the 'CE' in
> pthreadVCE.lib meant WinCE? That never occurred to me. It actually
> indicates that this is the version built using C++ Exceptions. See the
> README and FAQ files for the whole history of the naming of prebuilt
> libraries and the issues relating to using C++ exceptions, Structured
> exceptions, or plain C set/longjmp in the context of POSIX threads and
> it's portability amongst Pthreads implementations.
> The recommended version is plain C. This is the one that will be built
> from source unless you go to the trouble of setting an additional
> compile time macro.
> Regards.
> Ross
> George Mardale wrote:
> >Hi again,
> >
> >I managed to solve the problem. Thanks to Ross Johnson for pointing out
> >correct approach. I use eVC++ and I used the prebuilt binaries, which I
> >thouhght were for wince, but they weren't.
> >
> >After recompiling the wince port of pthreads-win32 (+ setting the proper
> >#define-s), it worked...
> >
> >Thanks again for your support, guys.
> >Best regards,
> >George.
> >
> >

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