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CRT runtime error with .Net 2003

Hi, I'm very new here but you seem like a helpful bunch of people.  I have 
the glorious job of porting a Linux application that uses pthreads to 
Win32 .Net 2003.

The app used pthreads so I'm linking statically with the pthreadsVC 
library.  I'm compiling with MTd runtime's and using 
IgnoreLib:libcmtd;libmmt to deal with some redefined function issues.

I'm recieving a runtime write segfault on the line:
fprintf(stderr,"Program usage: %s <prediction file>.pred | <PDB 

Debugging at the segfault gives me (_file.c):

void __cdecl _lock_file (
        void *pf
         * The way the FILE (pointed to by pf) is locked depends on whether
         * it is part of _iob[] or not
        if ( (pf >= (void *)_iob) && (pf <= (void *)(&_iob[_IOB_ENTRIES-
1])) )
             * FILE lies in _iob[] so the lock lies in _locktable[].
            _lock( _STREAM_LOCKS + (int)((FILE *)pf - _iob) );
             * Not part of _iob[]. Therefore, *pf is a _FILEX and the
             * lock field of the struct is an initialized critical
             * section.
!!ThisLine!!  EnterCriticalSection( &(((_FILEX *)pf)->lock) );

Any idea what's wrong with my CRT?  Are there any particular linker 
options or something else I may not be aware of?  Could this even be 
related to pthreads or is it something else wrong with the project.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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