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[pthreads-win32] How can you use errno with pthreads DLL?

I am trying to use pthreads-win32 but have run into a problem. I get an
error return value from pthreads-win32 but I can't use the errno because
pthreads-win32 uses the errno for its C runtime library but my app uses
its own errno from its C runtime library. How do I read the errno from
pthreads-win32's view of things inside its DLL? I don't see a function
for such a thing. I looked at the pthread.dsp file and it is set to use
"Multithreaded DLL" library mode, so I figure that pthreads-win32 is
more or less forcing me to use that mode. Well my application doesn't
use that and can't do so.

So is it not possible for there to simply be a pthreads-win32 function
to get the errno? It may not be highly pretty but as it stands right now
pthreads-win32 is unusable because of this problem. 

I couldn't find anything about this while searching the archives, but on
the other hand I can't believe that nobody has ran into this before. So
perhaps I am a booby-head and am completely misunderstanding things or
not realizing something.


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