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Re: use pthread under winCE

Hi James,

Thanks a lot for your help.
I'm now able to compile the project for the emulator PocketPC2003 under eVC4.

But when I try to compile for ARMv4, I get this error : "pthread_cancel.c(59) : fatal error C1189: #error : Module contains CPU-specific code; modify and recompile."
Looking at the code just before, I want to add something like that :
#if defined(_ARM_)
#define PTW32_PROGCTR(Context) ((Context)."something here")
#endif but Iar, Fir or Eip don't work.
And I really don't know what I can put there.

Thank you again.


James Ewing wrote:

Hi Benoit,

I've attached my modifications to the ptw32_getprocessors.c file that fixes the GetProcessAffinityMask for WINCE. It just forces the processor count to one.

I looked in the pthread.h file and found that if you don't have _UWIN defined, pthreads own internal _errno will be used. Make sure _UWIN is *not* defined. See line 1143 in pthread.h.

It was many moons ago that I tweaked pthreads for WIN32 for WINCE and I've forgotten much of what needed to be done. If anyone wants a diff of my build against the current CVS version just let me know and I'll send it out. It might be a good idea to test it a bit and then merge it into the main CVS tree. I use the same source for both WIN32 and WINCE pthreads builds.



[ ptw32_getprocessors.c] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- /* * ptw32_getprocessors() * * Get the number of CPUs available to the process. * * If the available number of CPUs is 1 then pthread_spin_lock() * will block rather than spin if the lock is already owned. * * pthread_spin_init() calls this routine when initialising * a spinlock. If the number of available processors changes * (after a call to SetProcessAffinityMask()) then only * newly initialised spinlocks will notice. */ int ptw32_getprocessors(int * count) { int result = 0;

#ifndef WINCE
 DWORD vProcessCPUs;
 DWORD vSystemCPUs;

 if (GetProcessAffinityMask(GetCurrentProcess(),
     DWORD bit;
     int CPUs = 0;

for (bit = 1; bit != 0; bit <<= 1)
if (vProcessCPUs & bit)
*count = CPUs;
result = EAGAIN;
*count = 1;
// end of file -----------------------------------------------------------

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