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link statically

Hi all,
I've been using pthreads-win32 the develop a tcl library.
Everything has been working fine, provided that I had the
pthreadVC.dll somewhere in the Windows PATH.

Now I'm trying to use tclkit and starkit to wrap my application
into a single executable (I have to send this thing to people
that wouldn't know how to install tcl).

The way starkit works is that it creates a virtual file system
in the executable file that corresponds to the one of the unwrapped
application. Whenever a tcl library (in the form of a dll) is required,
the starkit copies it to a temporary file, so that the system can see
and load it. Unfortunately this seems to work only with tcl libraries.

In my case my tcl lib relies on pthreadVC.dll, and there doesn't seem
to be a way to load it dynamically when it is wrapped in the starkit.

The only solution would be to distribute pthreadVC.dll separately and
instruct the users to put it somewhere in the path (which, given the
target users isn't likely to work).

Is there a way to link pthreadVC statically and avoid all these problems?

Thank you

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