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Re: Borland Builder

Hi Francisco,

> Is it possible to use this library with Borland
> Builder?

I assume you mean C++Builder: Yes it is.

As a quick and dirty solution you can use the MSVC dll, pthreadVC.dll, but
you need to generate an import library for use with the Borland compiler.
To do this just go into the pre-built directory and run:

impdef -a pthreadBC.def pthreadBC.dll
implib pthreadBC.lib pthreadBC.def

You'll prolly need to move or copy the .lib somewhere else, the C++Builder 5
IDE doesn't seem to like linking libraries from directories with hyphens in

This is enough to get you started and does seem to work ok.  However, from
what I understand, it's not a 'correct' solution because that DLL is linked
against the MSVC C runtime library, and that's not compatible with the
Borland runtime.  As such IMHO it's quite surprising that it runs so well.

I'm working on a proper port right now so that you can build it with
C++Builder, hopefully I'll be mailing the list about that sometime in the
next week - mainly it just requires a new makefile and a couple of small
changes elsewhere.

So if you're thinking of using pthreads-win32 with the Borland tools then
use the quick solution above for now and keep an eye out for the forthcoming
port work, which fingers crossed the maintainers will accept into the next


Will Bryant
Systems Architect, eCOSM Limited
Phone +64 3 365 4176

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